Monday, August 16, 2010

Pottery Class in Ending

I can't believe it. Our pottery class is ending already. Tomorrow will be the last official class and then we have two weeks to finish up anything we are working on. So far, I am making small little containers, and even added my first two handles on stuff yesterday. One on a large mug, the other on a sad little gravy boat. The gravy boat started out as a bowl, which I screwed up and tried to save by adding a pour spout. I added a handle yesterday, which gives it a funny twisted shape. Everything is leaning a little left making it out of whack.  DD is making these wonderful large bowls. I'm just amazed that she can work the clay so well. Hopefully, she will give me one. The mystical thing about pottery is, even after you have created your piece on the wheel, and it hardens, and you fire it (bake it at a really high temperature), you can still mess it up in the glazing process (putting color on to your pottery). Many glazes just don't work together and many do...but knowing the right combos is tricky in the beginning. I am fond of the greens and blues and will post a photo soon of some of our early pieces.
Really, I will. It just so happens at the same time we started the blog, my computer was destroyed by a virus. That hurt. I did get a new one but all of my programs are gone also. My photo editing, art, word processing and all of my photos. Everything. So, I have just purchased some new software and will hopefully get some photos up soon. Of course, I was comfortable with my old programs and knew how they worked, and now I'm trying to learn the new ones. It can't be that hard, can it?
I'm so grateful for all of you and can't wait to show you some of what I have been doing lately. I know that I can't go more then a day or two without doing something creative and even when I'm not creating....I'm thinking about what I can create next, and how I can alter something else.


  1. I took a pottery class too a while ago, I was good on the wheel but when it came to glazing, I sucked! The colors turned ugly after baking and some even had air bubbles! Next time I will try other glazes.
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  2. I think I would be so upset if something like that happened to my computer...can't wait to see some pictures of your work :)

  3. I've been thinking of taking a pottery class. Would love to see pictures of your work!
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