Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog Me, Baby!

I have just finished reading the blogs of my partners in my Blog Me, Baby swap at . What a great bunch of talented and crafty people. I can't wait to try some of the recipes and craft projects that I have read about.

Thanks all for participating in this swap.


  1. Visiting you for this swap :)


  2. Nicely written blog!

    Kathy (karuma) Swap-bot "Blog Me, Baby" swap.

  3. I am one of your partners for this! Deidreart

  4. Thanks for hosting the Blog Me Baby swap on swap-bot. I have linked to you on my blog and I love your blog!!!! YAY! We are all getting more traffic as a result of this! Thanks so much!
    carla louise (Oh Sew Addicted)

  5. I have now read one of the blogs for this swap. Yours! ^-^

    ~mireillie from swapbot

  6. Thanks so much for coordinating this swap.

    It's been nice to get a few more people looking at my blog, and even nicer to spend some time pootling about the interweb discovering some lovely people with really interesting and inspiring blogs.


  7. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful swap - having the opportunity to visit new individual's blogs and finding out about new ways of life and experiences! It truly is a wonderful thing. This is my first time on your blog, and I'm very happy that I have the chance to be visiting for such a great and connective way of meeting new people. I love your background on here! I shall look forward in perusing further. Love from Ana Goncalves on Swap Bot - Blog Me, Baby. :)

  8. This is indeed a wonderful swap!

    I`ll be linking your blog to my page.
    mslovender SB

    have a nice day!

  9. Thank you for coordinating this swap! It is very hard to start a new blog with no followers. Especially for those of us that don't really know any other crafty people to invite to the blog! Craftiness isn't very common in my town. :(
    Thanks for the 20+ "blind dates." lol

    ~ANKH (pumpkinniki)

  10. Thanks for hosting this wonderful swap! I enjoyed it very much. I, too, can't wait to try out new recipes and craft. Looking forward to reading more about your craft adventures (:

    mag @ swapbot
    blog me, baby

  11. Visiting you for this swap :)! Cool Blog.


  12. Thank you for coordinating Blog Me, Baby swap. I have so much fun visiting other bloggers and I appreciate every visitor to my blog. Now I'm also your follower (smile)


  13. I was part of "Blog Me, Baby", but found your blog in a roundabout way: You commented on the blog of one of my partners and your profile pic + username combo called my attention.

    I didn't realize you were the swap coordinator!

    You just gained one more follower and a star ;-)


  14. Fun swap - thanks! I've enjoyed reading through everyone's blogs and love yours too! Added you to my list!

    (slogsdon on swapbot)

  15. This was a great swap, I went to some great blogs. There is such diverse type of people on swap bot , Im so amazed! I guess i wanted to say thanks for hosting the swap :)
    blog me,baby swap
    swap bot

  16. I like the name content of your blog. Thanks for hosting.

    peace & love,
    Ariel17/Swap-Bot/Blog Me, Baby

  17. im close to a mth late but yes, thank you so much for hosting the swap. it certainly introduced me to many other interesting blogs out there. :)