Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Yes!!! We both were able to make several pots last night. Woo Hoo. This was very exciting since last week I would make a pot only to accidentally destroy it trying to make the top even or totally gauge it using a rib trying to smooth and shape the outside. Next week, they should be dry enough for us to shape the base of the pots. I'm feeling a giveaway....once they are fired and painted of course. Stay tuned for the details.

In addition to our art, DD and I have committed to exercising. I know what you're thinking....why would you want to lose weight and get healthy when it took you so long to acquire your current shape? Isn't round the new black?  Having my daughter turn 21 this week, just reconfirmed for me that I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to be there for her and I want to be able to play with any future grand kids and to be comfortable in airplane seats again (if that's even possible). So, we are up at 6am and off to the gym for swimming or water aerobics at least 3-4 days a week, instead of the 1 day a week we've been doing. Today, we swam in the outside pool....the inside one was too cold, brrr.

I usually have several projects going at once. Right now, I am working on 3 dolls and some other collage/painting projects. Plus my swap items for swaps I'm in at Swap-bot. I'm so excited about a swap in the Crafty Recyclers Group. My swap friend Terrie is hosting it and it is a swap where you have one partner and you send that partner an envelope or box of found objects. In return, you receive an envelope or box of found objects for your own use. Sound fun.... come on over to the bot and join us. We are at almost 700 members in that group. In my Swapping Artist group, we have a Summer Time Fun swap and a Meteorology inspired swap happening. And in my Fantastic Art Doll Group, I have our first Icicle Doll Swap up and a Paper Doll Swap.....for any type of paper doll. 

DD and I hit the thrift stores over the weekend and came up with some great finds.  Everything from dolls for .50 to a bag of rubber stamps, and some cool metal pieces. Photos to come soon. I am so excited to re-purpose some of these items. I'm always on the look out for old broken toys, interesting bird cages, wool sweaters, soft or patterned fabrics and cool metal bits and pieces. So much so, that it looks like my craft room ate my guest room.'s like a treasure hunt every time I enter. What will I find today....


  1. I, also, love to go treasure hunting in thrift stores! Have you ever visited It's fantastic! LADYHIGHTOWER Swap-Bot Blog Me, Baby!

  2. No, but I will now. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hey! This was a great post. I like ones that just talk about life in general. I think you visited my shop blog, but I have a regular blow-off-steam blog as well. When I'm not blowing off steam, I'm cooking wild and foraged food-my friends call it ditch cuisine, but its all about free baby!
    Uniqueeuphoria @ swapbot

    Oh and I'm totally with you on the weightloss. I am actually working on having gastric bypass done because of my own weight and the fact that serious weight issues run in the family. I have a blog for that too, but I only share it with a select few because it is a very emotional journey. I even have people angry at me for going through this and loosing weight, like I'm leaving them in the dust or something. If you would like me to give you that address, I will. Right now I'm going through the LEARN program through the hospital and I talk about what we discuss every week in group. I plan to continue it long after my surgury is complete.