Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pottery Class Was A Blast!

Keeping true to our name, we were truly DIRTY girls last night.  My birthday present from Angee this year was a beginning potter's wheel class that started last night.  We had such a blast and were covered in clay almost immediately.  Well, some us more than others! ;-)  At the start of the class, the instructor said that we would need to have three things ready for firing by the end of the second class which is next week!  As everyone's clay was wobbling around uncentered on their wheels, I couldn't see how we were going to each produce three pieces that we actually wanted to keep.  Once I got my first one centered, I thought I was the bomb, so I tried to help the girl next to me.  Definitely not the best idea.  We started to get it centered and then...BAM... a huge chunk came off, with clay flying all over and pretty much ruined it.  It was pretty funny.  We were laughing all night yet, somehow I managed to create something that resembles a small cylindrical bowl so next week, I only need to create two pieces!  Since Angee loves getting dirty so much, she wore most of her clay home on her jeans, shirt, arms and face in true dirty girl fashion so she still has three pieces to make next week!  Stay tuned to find out if the clay gods will smile upon us.


  1. LOL I remember my first bowl I did on the potter's wheel. The bowl was wonderfully symetrical, but the bottom so thick that it would make a good door stop, yet the sides so thin. I still have that bowl from 1983:) I still get my hands into everything, but lately it is mostly painting and stitching.

  2. Yes, we had some like that too. It sure is a blast.

  3. always wanted to do pottery!

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